Impact with Sam Clovis

About Sam Clovis

Sam Clovis was born and raised in central Kansas before leaving home for the United States Air Force Academy. Upon graduation, Sam entered pilot training and remained a fighter pilot in the Air Force for 25 years, serving around the world in various operational and staff functions. He retired as a Colonel and the Inspector General of NORAD and the United States Space Command.

Upon retirement from the Air Force, Dr. Clovis entered the private sector where he worked for a number of companies including Northrop Grumman and Booz Allen Hamilton. He also served six years as a Fellow at the Homeland Security Institute where he contributed to national preparedness, immigration and infrastructure protection projects. He entered the academic world and most recently served as a department chair and tenured full professor of economics at Morningside College in Sioux City, IA.

In 2009, Sam made his first political speech standing in the bed of a pickup at a Tea Party rally. He later became a very successful radio talk show host and became active in Republican politics. He ran for the nomination of the Republican Party for an open Senate seat in Iowa, coming in second to the eventual winner of that race. He supported the state party by running for state treasurer so that he could stay on the campaign trail to help the entire statewide ticket. His efforts brought him to the attention of the Republican Party nationally.

In 2015, Dr. Clovis was selected by then candidate Donald Trump to be national co-chair and chief policy advisor to the presidential campaign. After the successful election, he worked as a policy director for the presidential transition and then was asked to lead the administration’s team into the Department of Agriculture. While there, he served as the Senior White House Advisor to the department. Sam left the administration in May of 2018 and now has a flourishing consulting business, providing services to businesses and those who need assistance in the political arena.

Sam has a BS in political science from the Air Force Academy, an MBA from Golden Gate University and a doctorate in public administration from the University of Alabama. He is a graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College, the Air War College and the Army War College. He has written extensively on national preparedness, federalism and the evolution of political thought in the United States. He and his family live in Iowa.